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Machine Yearning is an extension of a time-honored tradition where every thanksgiving a family member asks me “what is AI” and “when are the machines coming to get us.”

By focusing on subjects and sources often overlooked by traditional media, Machine Yearning provides a unique window into the intersection of management, machine learning, economics, and policy.

As of October 2020, only around 10% of businesses have seen any success from applied AI. The reasons for failure are almost always preventable instead of technical: a lack of alignment, clear goal-setting, and leadership buy-in. This is due to a systemic case of information arbitrage, an undersupply of familiarity with the field combined with an abundance of leaders who need to understand it.

Unlocking applied AI for the other 90% requires a different approach: Instead of covering mainstream sources and “Big AI” talking points, Machine Yearning emphasizes practical stories and tools you can make use of in your organization today, as well as longer-form exploratory deep dives you won’t find in the Wall Street Journal. No PhD required.

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Ryan Cunningham is a Senior Builder at Andrew Ng’s AI Fund, a venture studio accelerating the adoption of AI across the global economy. Prior to joining AI Fund, he worked in product at Uber and various AI startups, beginning his career as a technology investment banker at Credit Suisse. He studied Finance and Economics at Georgetown University, and is currently studying Artificial Intelligence part-time at Stanford.

Machine Yearning is independent and not endorsed by AI Fund - all thoughts are his own.

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